Silicone Heater Mat, 69 W, 110 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 106-5413
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): GB

Preformed Heater Mats

Preformed silicone heater mats are thin and lightweight and have a low thermal mass, hence their rapid heat up characteristics and fast response to temperature control. The mats wide operating temperature range, flexibility and superb electrical properties give them a distinct advantage over other forms of heating. In applications where a heater mat is required to fit small diameter pipe-work a more precise fit can be obtained by using the pre-formed option.
Although the design dictates an accurate fit, this product is recommended to be used with a self-fusing tape to offer a more permanent securing method.

Features and Benefits

• For use on various sizes of process piping where standard heating methods are difficult to apply
• Flexible Silicone with Etched Foil heating elements
• Recommended to be used along with self-fusing tape as a means of extra installation support
• Fits to pipes within recommended diameter minimums and maximums
• Operating temperatures: +200°C intermittent (150°C continuous use)

Multi-Purpose Process Heaters

In order to obtain optimum performance from these products, it is advised that temperature sensing and control elements be used with them.


  • These heaters shall only be used where adequate electrical, thermal and mechanical barriers are provided to prevent access to hazardous parts without the use of a tool.
Attribute Value
Mat Shape Cylindrical
Power Rating 69 W
Circular Mat Diameter 28mm
Peak Temperature 200°C
Supply Voltage 110 V ac
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