Silicone Heater Mat, 160 W, 8 x 4in, 230 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 921-0004
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): IN

Silicon Rubber Heater Mats

Silicon rubber heater mats provide outstanding performance in applications up to 250°C under various operating conditions. When properly applied, silicone rubber heater life routinely exceeds 10 years. Design versatility permits special heat profiles allowing zones of higher or lower heat concentration as needed. The heater mats flexible construction makes them very easy to install on a variety of surfaces.

• Mounting on flat or curved surfaces
• Not affected by vibration, flexing or repeated mechanical shock
• High dielectric strength, non-toxic and flame retardant

Multi-Purpose Process Heaters

In order to obtain optimum performance from these products, it is advised that temperature sensing and control elements be used with them.


  • These heaters shall only be used where adequate electrical, thermal and mechanical barriers are provided to prevent access to hazardous parts without the use of a tool.
Attribute Value
Mat Shape Rectangle
Power Rating 160 W
Rectangular Mat Size 8 x 4in
Peak Temperature +250°C
Supply Voltage 230 V ac
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HK$ 534.51
Per unit
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