RS PRO 1/4 in Square Ratchet Repair Kit

  • RS庫存編號 125-3110
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TR

RS PRO Ratchet Renewal Kit

Introducing the range of RS PRO ratchet renewal kits. This repair kit is ideal for replacing the ratchet and bearing part if it has failed, rather than having to replace the whole ratchet which is generally more expensive. This range of ratchet repair kits is easy to use, and the ratchet can be repaired to a professional standard, ensuring the same high-quality performance and functionality is achieved prior to the repair being carried out. A renewal kit like this is an essential socket accessory to have in your toolbox as a spare because you never know when it will be needed most.

Features and Benefits:

• Ideal for repairing ratchets where the pawl or sprint in the mechanism has been damaged
• Perfect for reconditioning ratchets that are used in automotive maintenance and general mechanic repair work or even at home
• Includes all the components needed for a successful recondition
• This kit enables you to repair the ratchet mechanism whilst on the job and away from a workbench, making it a convenient and portable kit
• Cost-effective and easy to fit, saving money on purchasing a whole new ratchet, which is often more expensive
• This ratchet repair kit is available in three different sizes: 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drive


Ratchets are ideal for increasing torque whilst tightening or loosening fasteners such as bolts and are used in a range of applications such as:
• Mechanics
• Automotive
• Electrical
• Construction

How can I tell if my ratchet mechanism needs to be replaced?

If you have a ratchet mechanism that is jammed, rusted because of dust or water ingress or can’t switch directions, you can repair it simply by taking it apart, giving it a good clean and re-greasing it.

To clean the mechanism effectively, you can use brake and clutch cleaner, for example, RS item 745-7529 and to re-grease it, any wheel bearing grease will work, like RS item 134-7590.

However, if the spring or pawl has broken, you will need to repair the mechanism by using a ratchet repair kit like this which contains all of the essential parts needed to restore the broken ratchet back to a working one.

What drive size will this renewal kit work with?

This ratchet renewal kit has three different drive sizes available:
125-3110 - 1/4 inch square drive
125-3112 - 3/8 inch square drive
125-3113 - 1/2 inch square drive

Attribute Value
Drive Size 1/4 in
Type Ratchet Repair Kit
Drive Type Square
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