RS PRO 12 A Soft Starter, IP20, 5.5 kW, 380 → 460 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 209-6362
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Snatch Free Modules

Designed to reduce starting torque for three phase motors. These units use the principle of controlling one phase of the supply, the others being connected directly to the motor. This has the effect of increased currents in the two non-controlled phases.,The start up ramp can be adjusted but the longer times can only be achieved on a loaded motor.

Compact size. The modules are suitable for mounting on symmetrical 35mm DIN rail
Easy for retrofit
Starting torque and run-up voltage ramp separately adjustable
Can be combined with the electronic injection brake module to form a complete motor control system. (For injection brake modules see elsewhere in this section.)

Applications for the snatch free modules include: - prevention of damage to product e.g. bottling or parcel conveyors, packaging machinery; reduction of maintenance and repair costs on machinery with gearboxes, belts and chain drives.


this product is designed to reduce mechanical snatch. It works by controlling the current in one phase, this causes an increase in current in the other two phases during ramp-up.

Supplied with

a comprehensive instruction leaflet

Attribute Value
Phase 3
Supply Voltage 380 → 460 V ac
Current Rating 12 A
Voltage Rating 460 V ac
Power Rating 5.5 kW
IP Rating IP20
Overall Length 120mm
Overall Width 45mm
Overall Depth 75mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Mounting Type DIN Rail
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