Dold 8 A Soft Starter BA9026 Series, IP20, IP40, 3 kW, 200 → 460 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 240-9134
  • 製造零件編號 BA9026 3AC50/60Hz 200-460V 3kW
  • 製造商 Dold
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Soft starter, BA9026

All three motor phases are influenced by the BA9026 by means of phase control using thyristors in such a way that the currents can rise steadily. The motor torque behaves in exactly the same way during start-up. This guarantees that the drive can start up without jerking. It is thus impossible for drive elements to be damaged, because the abrupt starting torque caused by direct starting is not generated. This property enables a cost-efficient design for the drive elements.
After starting, the power electronics are bridged via internal relay contacts to minimise losses in the device.
The smooth deceleration function also prolongs the natural deceleration time of the drive unit to prevent abrupt stopping.


Machines with gear, belt and chain drives
Conveyor belts, fans, pumps, compressors
Woodworking machines, centrifuges
Packaging machines, door operating mechanisms
Inrush current limitation for three-phase transformers


With smooth deceleration function
Increases the service life of asynchronous motors and mechanical drive components for motor ratings up to 3 kW
With 3-phase motor control
Starting time, deceleration time and starting and deceleration torque can be adjusted separately
Power semiconductors bridged after successful start-up
Large input voltage range for the power semiconductors
Galvanically isolated DC control input
Galvanically isolated DC auxiliary voltage
With integrated temperature monitoring
Overall width 45 mm



  • The BA9026 must not be operated with a capacitive load (e.g. reactive power compensation) at the output. In the decoupled state (without load), the starting behaviour is not particularly smooth.
Attribute Value
Phase 3
Supply Voltage 200 → 460 V ac
Current Rating 8 A
Voltage Rating 460 V
Control Voltage 0 → 28.8 V dc
Power Rating 3 kW
IP Rating IP20, IP40
Overall Length 121mm
Overall Width 45mm
Overall Depth 74mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Series BA9026
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