Weller T0051514699 Soldering Iron Stand

  • RS庫存編號 620-4927
  • 製造零件編號 T0051514699N
  • 製造商 Weller
COO (Country of Origin): MX

WMRTH Kit and Stand

WMRTH "Stop+Go" stand

Placing the WMRT micro tweezers in the stand automatically switches the unit off, extending tip life. Due to rapid heat-up time, as soon as the tweezres are removed again they are ready for use almost immediately

The WMRT micro tweezers utilize a tip cartridge that is always in alignment Kit contains WMRT soldering tweezers and WMRTH "Stop+Go" stand

Weller Soldering Iron Stand for use with WMRT & WMRTH Micro Desoldering Tweezers

The WMRT set (RS 6204949) consists of 2 x 40W, 12V WMRT micro desoldering tweezers, a WMRTH safety rest, sponge, and an RTW 2 soldering tiplet. The heating element and sensor are integrated in the soldering tip, focusing the performance of the tool to the solder joint.

Features & Benefits:

  • Only compatible with WR3M and WR3ME rework stations and WDM soldering stations.

  • Perfect for lead-free applications.

  • ESD-safe to prevent damage to sensitive components.

  • The slim tweezers are ideal for the soldering and desoldering of very small SMD components, including under a microscope.

  • Quick tip exchange can be performed without any tools and while the tips are still hot, significantly reducing downtime.

  • Extremely short heating time.

  • Standby function is triggered when tweezers are in the safety rest, saving energy when not in use.

  • Sensor in the soldering tip means that lowering the soldering joint instigates a faster reaction time.

Typical Applications:

Soldering tweezers are used for precision soldering/desoldering projects, such as electronics and circuitry boards, from professional to DIY projects. They can be used to separate components or to undo any bad soldering, and allow the component to be picked up, moved, or removed at the same time.


What is the difference between de/soldering tweezers and normal tweezers?
Soldering tweezers feature soldering iron tips that can be heated to high temperatures to melt solder wire in electronics and circuitry applications. Soldering tweezers have a power supply that allows for constant temperature management, whereas normal tweezers are standalone tools.
What is the heat range for these tweezers?
These tweezers have a heating range of 100°C – 450°C and a heating time of approx. 3 seconds (50°C – 350°C).

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Attribute Value
Soldering Accessory Type Soldering Iron Stand
Model Number T0051514699
For Use With WMRT & WMRTH Micro Desoldering Tweezers
Type Soldering Iron Stand
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