Weller WXMT Soldering Tweezers WX Series

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  • 製造零件編號 T0051317899
  • 製造商 Weller
COO (Country of Origin): MX

WXMT Micro-Desoldering Tweezers & WDH 60 Stand Kit

Micro desoldering iron and stand kit ideal for precise desoldering of very small SMD components and lead free applications. For a suitable station see Weller WX1, WX2 or WX2021.

For suitable tips use RTW series plug-in style cartridgesTip life is extended by auto shut off feature with WDH 60 standESD safe

Supplied with

WXMT micro-desoldering tweezers, RTW2 tip set, WDH 60 stand.

Weller WXMT 12V Soldering Tweezers, 40W and WDH 60 Stand Kit

This kit consists of WMXT micro desoldering tweezers with RTW 2 tip set and a WDH 60 stand. Ideal for lead-free applications, this kit is also ESD-safe. The tip life is extended by automatic standby feature with the WDH 60 stand.

Features & Benefits:

  • 12V supply.

  • 80W (2 x 40W) output.

  • Micro desoldering tweezers for the precise desoldering of very small SMD components.

  • WDH 60 stand provides automatic shut-off feature, extending tip life and preventing risk of damage or injury.

  • ESD-safe.

  • Suitable for Weller WX1, WX2, or WX2021 work stations.

  • Slim tweezers provide excellent desoldering with high precision.

  • Tips can be changed quickly and without tools, even when hot, due to the Active Tip System.

  • Standby function with WDH 60 stand, saves energy and reduces long-term ownership costs.

Typical Applications:

Desoldering tweezers are used for precision soldering/desoldering projects, such as electronics and circuitry boards, from professional to DIY projects. They can be used to separate components or to undo any bad soldering, and allow the component to be picked up, moved, or removed at the same time.


What is the difference between de/soldering tweezers and normal tweezers?
Soldering tweezers feature soldering iron tips that can be heated to high temperatures to melt solder wire in electronics and circuitry applications. Soldering tweezers have a power supply that allows for constant temperature management, whereas normal tweezers are standalone tools.
What is the heat range for these tweezers?
These tweezers have a heating range of 100°C – 450°C and a heating time of approx. 3 seconds (50°C – 350°C).

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Model Number WXMT
Soldering Accessory Type Soldering Tweezers
Series WX
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