Weller TCP Electric Soldering Iron, 50W

  • RS庫存編號 660-185
  • 製造零件編號 T0151004199N
  • 製造商 Weller
COO (Country of Origin): MX

Weller TCP Magnastat Electric Soldering Iron.

From Weller this is the TCP Electric Magnastat controlled soldering iron, an important piece of any soldering equipment. The soldering iron is also supplied with a PT7 adaptor and LT M solder tips. A Magnastat solder system works through a ferro-magnetic sensor and changes the character of the system when required temperatures are reached and in turn operates the built-in magnet and the power supply switch. The soldering system is truly versatile, providing additional power when soldering, reducing power when not in use and switching on and off quickly. Various types of soldering are possible with the pre-selected soldering tip temperatures available through changing the temperature sensing soldering tip.

Features and Benefits.

  • Model TCP Magnastat soldering iron.

  • Built-in ferro magnetic sensing system.

  • LT M solder tips.

  • Compatible with PT series soldering tips.

  • PT 7 Adaptor (370°C).

  • 3 Wire Silicone cord and plug for the WTCP 51 soldering station (1.2 M).

  • Silver line heating element.

  • 50 W.

  • 25 V.

  • 1.5 m Cable.

  • Bulgin 3-Pin connector (488393).

  • Ferromagnetic sensing device enable you to use extra power for soldering or reduce power when not in use.

  • Temperature range (5 = 260 °C / 6 = 310 °C / 7 = 370 °C / 8 = 425 °C / 9 = 480 °C).

  • ESD Safe.

  • Thermoplastic handle.

  • Pre-selected solder tip temperatures.

  • Versatile soldering iron.

What is Included?

  • TCP Soldering Iron.

  • Soldering safety rest, Stock number 518450.

  • LT Soldering tip.

Typical Applications.

  • Maintenance.

  • General repair work.

Weller Solder Tips and Cleaners Available.

  • PT AA8, straight hoof solder tip, stock number 661548.

  • PT AA8, straight hoof solder tip, stock number 661403.

  • PT AA9, straight hoof solder tip, stock number 661677.

  • LT M Straight chisel soldering tip, 3.2 mm, stock number 3610723.

  • LT S Straight Conical soldering tip, 0.4 mm, stock number 3893057.

  • CT2F7 10 mm Straight Chisel soldering tip, stock number 661958.

  • CT2E7 7 mm Straight Chisel soldering tip, stock number 661942.

  • CT2E8 7mm Straight Chisel soldering tip, stock number 661964.

  • CT2EX7 7 mm Bent Chisel soldering tip, stock number 1622465.

  • WDC Soldering iron tip cleaner, stock number 5178546.

  • Solder Adapter, stock number 1622588.

Other Magnastat Soldering Irons Available.

  • W61 Electric soldering iron, type F Schuko plug, stock number 1626760.

  • TCP 12 Electric soldering iron, stock number 1628075.

  • TCP S Electric soldering iron, stock number 516268.

Station Irons - Weller

Attribute Value
Power Type Electric
Model Number TCP
Type Soldering Iron
Wattage 50W
Input Voltage 24V
Tip Series LT
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單價 個
HK$ 943.34
Per unit
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