Keithley 2450 Sourcemeter + WiFi Microscope, 1 Ch, 20 Ω → 200 MΩ ±10 nA → ±1 A

  • RS庫存編號 125-0640
  • 製造零件編號 2450+MICFIP
  • 製造商 Keithley
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Keithley 2450 Sourcemeter plus RS Pro WiFi Microscope

On offer is a great value bundle comprising Keithley 2400 Series sourcemeter model 2450 ( 781-2964 ) and an RS Pro WiFi microscope ( 913-2487 ).

Keithley 2450 SourceMeter

This go-to instrument of choice is the fourth-generation member of Keithley's SourceMeter family of source measure unit (SMU) models. The 2450 is easy-to-use, regardless of the users level of SMU experience, and has capabilities ranging from basic purpose to the most advanced measurement applications. It offers a highly flexible, four-quadrant voltage and current source/load coupled with precision voltage and current meters.

The 2450 can be used as a precision power supply with V and I readback. And true current source, digital multimeter (DCV, DCI, ohms and power with 6-digit resolution), precision electronic load & trigger controller.

Applications range widely across electronics and devices in fields such as nanomaterials, semiconductor structures, organic materials, energy efficiency and lighting, discretes, passives and material characterisation.

RS Pro WiFi Polarised Digital Microscope

Our innovative Mic-Fi hand held digital microscope features in-built WiFi transmission, breaking away from the conception of traditional microscopes. The in-built adjustable polariser reduces glare and reflection on shiny objects. By downloading the Mic-Fi companion app from the App store or Google play, the microscope transmits directly to your smartphone or tablet device. Offering the following functions: measurement, conservation, copy and transfer of images and video. The microscope can also output to a computer via the included USB cable.

Applications range across industrial inspection, quality control, school research tool, medical analysis, Trichology inspection, plant dissection/observation & reading aid.

Keithley Power Supplies

Attribute Value
Series 2400
Sourcemeter Function Current Resistance Voltage Measure, Current Voltage Source
Number of Channels 1
Source Voltage Range ±20 mV → ±200 V
Source Current Range ±10 nA → ±1 A
Output Power 20 W
Resistance Measurement Range 20 Ω → 200 MΩ
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