Greenwich Instruments GSM 2 Stepper Motor Controller 2 A, 61 x 46 x 15mm

COO (Country of Origin): GB

GSM2 Stepper Motor Drive Board

The GSM2 is a standalone drive board designed to drive a stepper motor in unipolar mode. It is done either with or without forcing resistors connected between motor commons and volts. When using the logic connections, you are able to select full, half or wave mode and direction and speed external clock. The GSM2 drive board allows an enable and disable input for various start/stop control options. The stepper motor used with the board must also have four phases and five, six or eight wires.

Features & Benefits

A stand alone drive board designed to drive a stepper motor in unipolar mode.

Directly compatible with any of the RS stepper motors up to 2A
4-phase unipolar motor drive up to 2A/40Vdc per phase
Full, half and wave modes selectable
Motor speed selectable via adjustable on-board clock or externally via logic connectors
Enable and disable inputs allow a variety of start/stop control options to be implemented

Logic input/outputs TTL LS and CMOS compatible
Open drain power MOSFET phase outputs


Stepper motor must have four phases and either five, six or eight wires.


Turn OFF power supply before connecting or disconnecting any wiring. Disconnecting the motor with the power ON will destroy the drive board.

Supplied with

User instructions


2 terminal blocks
Trimmer pot for adjusting on board clock

Supplied with

user instructions

Attribute Value
For Motor Type Unipolar
Current Rating 2 A
Motor Supply Voltage 9 → 40V dc
Overall Length 61mm
Overall Width 46mm
Overall Depth 15mm
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