Paulstra Anti Vibration Mount 8 → 10Hz 53561160 Rubber Galvanised Metal 20 → 80daN 60mm M8 Male Only

COO (Country of Origin): FR

Traviflex Mounts

Traviflex mounts consist of 2 metallic armatures joined together by 2 bonded rubber blocks and are available as either male/female or female/male. The rubber works in compression - shear mode. Applications include suspension of pipes, ceilings, hot air ducts, fan unit, air conditioners etc.

2 Galvanised Metallic U Armatures Joined by Bonded Rubber Blocks to Form an Anti-Vibration Mount that Operates in Traction
Suppresses Structure Borne Noise
Natural Frequency: 8Hz to 10Hz
Positive Safety in-case of Elastomer Failure
Allows Movement due to Thermal Expansion
2 Hardnesses of Elastomer Give a Choice of Mounting (45 & 60Sh)

Features and Benefits

·Choice of 45 of 60 Shore hardness elastomers
·Suppresses noise caused by vibration
·Allows movement caused by thermal expansion
·Galvanised armatures
·Chloroprene elastomer
·Safe design in the event of failure
·Natural Frequency: 8Hz to 10Hz
·Simple to identify correct orientation when mounting


Traviflex anti vibration mounts are an ideal and economic option for reducing vibration and noise caused by structural elements inside buildings. The can be used isolate vibration caused by,
·False and suspended ceilings
·Pipework suspension
·Hot air ducts
·Air conditioning
·Fan units


When installing Traviflex mounts it is important to ensure that all mounts are the same distance from the mounting surface and each is supporting the same load.

Attribute Value
Type Male Only
Nominal Load 20 → 80daN
Frequency 8 → 10Hz
Thread Size M8
Material Rubber
Metalwork Galvanised Metal
Overall Height 60mm
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