Hirschmann Test Lead Kit

COO (Country of Origin): DE

PMS SKS Electronic Safety Test Set for 4mm System

An extensive electronic safety test set, consisting of a wide variety of safety test equipment, including crocodile clips, safety test probes, test leads etc. complete with case, for use with multimeters and other equipment that utilises 4mm diameter sockets and plugs, part of the Hirschmann 4mm safety system.

Kit Contents

PRUEF 2610 FT Safety-test probe, shatter-proof insulated sleeve with slender, spring-loaded stainless steel tip
MICRO-PRUEF MPS 2 0.64 FT Miniature test probe with slender, spring-loaded stainless steel tip, for sampling of SMD components
MICRO-KLEPS Miniature test clips with 0.64 mm connecting plugs and rotating gripper (SMD technology)
KLEPS 064 PCH Miniature test clips with 0.64 mm plug for tapping from pins and wires up to 1 mm diameter (various colours)
MZS 4 Overmolded plug adapter from 4 mm plug to 2 mm socket
MICRO-SMD CLIP 1 Two-pole test clip for SMD components with flat gripper, electrically insulated Spring and 0.64 mm sockets
MA 260 SH Safety miniature alligator clip with 4 mm connecting socket, clamping range: fine wires up to 6mm diameter
AK 2 B 2540 I Wide-opening, contact protected alligator clip, for bolt diameter up to 30 mm
MLS WS 50/2.5 Safety-test lead, both sides with 4 mm stackable safety plugs (length: 50 cm)
MAL N 4-0.64/100-0.25 Overmolded test lead, 4 mm spring-loaded plug with onward connection capability and 0.64 mm insulated connecting socket (100 cm)
MKL 0.64/25-0.25 Test lead (wire 0.25 mm2), on both sides 0.64 mm insulated connecting sockets (length: 25 cm)
BNC AL 0.64 BNC adapter cable with two insulated 0.64 mm connecting sockets
TKO 5 - PMS 221A High-impedance passive divider probe
2-footer-positioner for oscilloscope test probes

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