RS PRO 32 Piece HSS Thread Tap & Die Set

  • RS庫存編號 668-1125
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

Tap & Die Set

High quality tap and die sets to DIN standard for general engineering use.

Features and Benefits:

Metal Case
Available in M3 to M12 and M3 to M20 Size Ranges


Tap and die sets are an essential kit to have available if a fastener or fastener hole is threaded and then rendered unusable. By using a tap and die kit, a new thread can be cut, or a damaged thread repaired, especially if it has threaded or has a lot of corrosion on it from years’ worth of build-up. A tap and die set generally consists of the tap and the die. The tap is designed for internal thread cutting, so this would be used on the fastener hole or a nut, whereas a die is used for the external thread, like on a bolt. Sets like these are most commonly used for:
• Automotive applications and repair
• General maintenance workshops
• Machinery repair

What is the difference between tapping and threading?

Tapping and threading are the processes that are used to produce screw threads. Tapping uses the tap part of the set and creates internal threads. Threading is the process used by the die to cut external threads.

Why choose a HSS Tap and Die Set?

By choosing a HSS tap and die set, you can be sure that you are selecting the most durable and hardy material to ensure you are achieving a quality result every time. HSS has a higher abrasion resistance and can also withstand higher temperatures without losing its durability and hardiness, making it ideal for continuous use. It also cuts faster when working with stubborn materials and lasts longer.

What sets are available in this RS PRO range?

668-1125 32-piece set, M3 to M12
668-1129 54-piece set, M3 to M20


Ratchet Tap wrenches are not supplied with RS part no 6681129

Attribute Value
Maximum Die Size M12
Minimum Tap Size M3
Maximum Tap Size M12
Minimum Die Size M3
Number of Pieces 32
Set Contents Hand Taps: M3 to M12 (x21); Round Dies: M3 to M12 (x7); Tap Wrench: 1 1/2 in; Die Holder: 25x9 mm; Pitch Gauge; Screwdriver
Material HSS
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HK$ 991.89
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