Timer Light Switch 240 V 16 A

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Elkay Illuminated PIR Slave Timer

The Elkay PIR slave timer is an automatic device which controls various power loads through the detection of body heat. Once activated by the detection of moving body heat, the lighting or power source will stay on for the preset period. If body set is no longer detected, the timer elapses and the load is switched off. Featuring a stylish backlit blue neon indicator ring aiding location in the dark. An integrated light sensor further increases the energy saving potential, as it keeps the lighting switched off when sufficient ambient light is available. However the unit has an override switch on the faceplate.
The sensor has a 360° detection area coupled with a 5 metre to 7 metre detection range. The timer can be set from 2 min and 2 hours, allowing energy to be saved and increasing convenience in and around your home or business.
Slave switches require a previous installation of a master switch to work.

Features and Benefits

For Fluorescent and incandescent lighting Available in white finish
Backlit Blue neon indicator ring
Adjustable timer (2 min to 2 hours)
No Neutral required
360° detection angle

Lighting Controllers

When body heat is detected, the load is switched on. At a preset time after movement has ceased the load is automatically switched off. Available for standard lighting or electrical appliance applications.

Attribute Value
Voltage Rating 240 V
Current Rating 16 A
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