Bahco 17 Piece Electricians Tool Kit

  • RS庫存編號 419-0107
  • 製造零件編號 9852
  • 製造商 Bahco

Bahco Professional Tool Kit

A kit with carefully selected high-quality general purpose tools for the discerning engineer. The tools are designed for maintenance and repair as well as precision work. Tools included are pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, tweezers, knife and tape measure.

Features and Benefits
High-quality service kit
Supplied in a zipper wallet

Kit Contents


Slotted Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8150)
1 x 5 x 100 mm, 222 mm

Slotted Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8155)
1.2 x 6.5 x 125 mm, 247 mm

Slotted Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8610)
0.4 x 2.5 x 75 mm, 197 mm

Slotted Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8040)
0.8 x 4 x 100 mm, 222 mm

Philips Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8600)
PH-0, 182 mm

Philips Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8610)
PH-1, 197 mm

Philips Ergo Screwdriver (BE-8620)
PH-2, 222 mm

Cutters and Pliers

Supreme Series Snipe Nose Pliers (7890)
80 Series Diagonal Cutters (8160)
160 mm Ergo Flat Nose Pliers (2421 G-160)
160 mm Ergo Side Cutting Pliers (2101G-160)
180 mm Ergo Combination Pliers (2628-G-180)

Additional Extras

180 mm Gardeners Knife (K-AP-1)
Boley Style Tweezers, Fine Tips (TL AA-SA-SL)
Insulated Voltage Tester (8045LVDE)
6"" Adjustable Wrench (8070)

Attribute Value
Set Type Electricians
Set Contents Knife, Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Tweezers
Number of Pieces 17
Storage Type Pouch
31 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 整套:1 個
HK$ 3,338.91
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