EPCOS N27 PM 74/59 Ferrite Core Transformer, 315nH, 85.5 x 75 x 65mm, For Use With Energy storing choke

  • RS庫存編號 167-8303
  • 製造零件編號 B65686A0315A027
  • 製造商 EPCOS

EPCOS B65820 PM74/59 Ferrite cores

EPCOS B65820 PM74/59 Ferrite cores are suitable for use in transformers handling high powers in the frequency range up to 300 kHz. These PM Cores can be used in numerous tasks in telecommunications and industrial electronics. The pot core shape offers various advantages. Wide flux area for high power at a minimum no of turns, thus causing only low magnetic leakage and stray capacitance. The ferrite core also has good shielding owing to the closed form, precisely ground air caps, straightforward assembly and economic mounting.

EPCOS Ferrite Cores

Attribute Value
Accessory Type PM 74/59
For Use With Energy storing choke
Dimensions 85.5 x 75 x 65mm
AL Rating 315nH
Material N27
Depth 59mm
Length 74mm
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