RS PRO Travel Adapter, Rated At 7.5A

  • RS庫存編號 668-3692
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

International Adapters

This RS Pro Travel Adapter ensures you have got the right plug for charging your devices in Australia and USA. This lightweight compact adapter allows you to use your UK devices in Australia and USA with two flat slanted pins. The adapter is suitable for use with appliances that do not require and earth connections, these are identified by a double insulated symbol (Square inside a square) on the device. It also features a 2 pin shaver socket as well as the UK socket. Allowing more options for this adapter to be used whilst on your travels.

Features & Benefits

Converts UK Mains PLug to a two pin US or Australian plug
Light and easy to transport
Designed for temporary use
Voltage 230-250V


How do travel adapters work?

Travel adapters are simple devices that enable a user to plug any electronic device into walls with different sockets determined by a region of the world. On the one end adapter has prongs that fit the wall socket and at the other ends is a socket itself for a user device cable.

People confuse Travel Adapters and Travel Converters but it is important to remember that these are NOT the same thing. Converters are more complicated devices that convert a voltage. Adapters do not do it.

Is this travel adapter grounded or non-grounded?

Yes, this travel adapter is grounded which means it is suitable for use with a three-prong type of electrical sockets. All devices will work normally without the ground wire because it's not a part of conducting path, however, grounding guarantees an extra security and protection for your appliances.

This portable adapter converts from the standard UK 13A plug or 2-pin shaver plug to international sockets.

Features & Benefits

Can be used in Australia and USA

Attribute Value
Converter Type Travel Adapter
Type 1 Connector Type G - British 3-pin
Type 2 Connector Australia, US
Current Rating 7.5A
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