Xcelite by Weller Precision Cutting Precision Knife Blade, 1 Blade Segments

COO (Country of Origin): US

Precision knives

Scalpels for delicate work.
Knurled end for more secure handling and a firm grip.

Xcelite by Weller Precision Cutting Knife Blade, 1 Segments (5 Pack)

The XNB103B is a light-duty fine-pointed precision knife blade suitable for highly detailed cuts or engravings and the stripping of materials. The XNB103 blades fit the XN100 knife and are suitable for soft, lightweight materials.
Supplied 5 per pack, XNB103 knife blades are supplied as segments of 1 and are not snap-off blades.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from strong surgical steel for perfect precision trimming/cuts and a long-lasting performance.

  • Fine-pointed knife blade for delicate and precise work.

  • Ideal for soft, lightweight materials such as paper.

  • 2 cutting positions allow for more versatility.

  • Light duty blades.

  • Can cut on wood surfaces for detailing work.

  • Replaceable blades for the XN100 knife.

  • 5 blades per pack.

Typical Applications:

Trimming and safety knife blades are used in a variety of industries that require an ergonomic and safe way to cut or strip materials or objects. Typical applications include:

  • Warehousing

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Food Industry

  • Wood carving

  • Leather cutting

  • Fabric cutting

  • Medical applications

  • Model making


What material are these knife blades made from?
These precision knife blades are made from strong surgical steel, which ensures a perfect cut every time and provides long-lasting performance.
What types of knife blades are there?
There are a range of knife blades that vary from light duty to heavy duty, depending on the relevant application and knife model. Weller Xcelite blades have a sharp precision edge and are hard-wearing, ideal for general and precision detailing work. There are also retractable, cut-off and general purpose blades available, among others.
How do they work?
By equipping the correct blade for the application, the user ensures that the necessary cut is possible, either free hand or when using a guide.
What materials are suitable?
Light duty blades are more suitable for soft, lightweight materials, such as paper. With a focus on precision work, these blades will not be suitable for heavy duty work, such as cutting through heavier materials such as vinyl or carpet.
What can these blades be used for?
These blades are commonly used in precision-focused or light duty projects in a wide variety of industries. As well as being used for trimming and to remove packaging from delicate objects in the construction, retail, warehousing and food industries, they can be used in leather and fabric cutting and wood carving. Being made of strong surgical steel, these blades are also suitable for use in a medical environment.


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Attribute Value
Application Precision Cutting
For Use With Precision Knife
Number of Blade Segments 1
Pack Quantity 5
625 在3 工作日內發貨 (海外庫存)
4660 在3 工作日內發貨 (海外庫存)
單價 /個 (每包:5個)
HK$ 23.96
Per unit
Per Pack*
5 +
* 參考價格