Mykal Industries 5 L Can Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid for Mechanical Parts Water Rinsable

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Mykal Industries Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

The Mykal industries 5L effective and safe cleaner is an ultrasonic cleaning fluid based on the power of orange oil. This cleaner has natural solvent-based systems with a long active life, low vapour pressure, and exceedingly low VOC rating. It acts as an alternative to highly volatile or toxic cleaners such as chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and a safer alternative to chlorinated solvents with zero ozone potential.

Features and Benefits

Highly concentrated cleaner for removing oils, greases, and dirt
For use in ultrasonic cleaning baths
The heavy-duty formulation also removes carbon residues and dust such as brake lining dust
Fully water-rinse able
It will cavitate and de-gas effectively
Use at 5-10% dilution
For ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, and glass


Remanufacturing operations

Attribute Value
Package Size 5 L
Package Type Can
Application Mechanical Parts
Product Category Water Rinsable
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