Molex USB 2.0 Male USB A to Male Mini USB B USB Cable, 1.5m

  • RS庫存編號 822-3226
  • 製造零件編號 88732-8702
  • 製造商 Molex

Molex Male USB A to Male Mini USB B USB Cables

Molex male USB A to male mini USB B USB cables is the ideal low-cost cable connector for industrial and commercial applications. These USB cables offer high-speed performance when you need to connect portable or mobile equipment. Molex male USB A is a standard USB interface coupled with a male mini USB B, perfect for connecting compact portable electronic devices such as cameras and phones to a computer or charger.

Features and Benefits

• Dual Ended Connectors
• USB Type A-to-Mini-B (male to male)
• Excellent RFI/EMI performance
• Lengths: 1 to 2m
• 480 Mbps
• Black or white

On the go (OTG)

On the go feature allows your device to connect to another peripheral device to share information without the aid of a computer.

Male USB A to Male Mini USB B USB Cable Options

Length: 1 m = RS stock no: 627-2908
Length: 1 m = RS stock no: 656-3939
Length: 1.5 m = RS stock no: 822-3226
Length: 2 m = RS stock no: 800-6946

Typical Applications

Typical Applications:

USB cables are typical components used to provide a connection from computers to peripherals such as keyboards, printers, portable media players, network adapters and pointing devices. They are also used to provide electrical power to portable devices via a wall adapter or computer. There are several types of USB connectors such as:
• Mini USB (A,B,C)
• Micro USB (A,B,C)


What does IP rating mean for USB cables?

IP (Ingress Protection) is the protection level against the intrusion of water or dust for USB cables. The IP rating is described by two numbers: e.g. IP65 where the first digit stands for SOLIDS and second for LIQUIDS materials. The higher number is the higher level of protection.

What USB cable type describes?

USB cable types can be classified into several transfer speed groups:
USB 3.1 – the most recent and the fastest available standard of USB cables. It is capable to transfer up to 10Gbps. Please, bear in mind that USB 3.1 types are not compatible with USB 2.0 or older ports.
USB 3.0 – these cables are able to work up to 5Gbps and are used in many modern devices that require multiple streams of data. USB 3.0 ports are fully backwards compatible which means USB 2.0 cables will be working with them. However, data transfer speed will be limited up to 2.0 standard.
USB 2.0 – one of the most popular USB Cable standards that allows for a transfer speed of 480 Mbps. Most of the devices on the market are compatible with this standard.

The Molex 88732-8702 is a 1.5m USB-A male to Mini-B male cable in black. It is perfect for connecting compact, portable electronic devices such as cameras and phones to a computer or charger.
The USB-A is a standard USB interface, compatible with many devices, while the mini-B connector is popular in smaller devices for both data transfer and charging.

Features of the 88732-8702

USB Type A to USB Mini-B (5-pin)
Gold-plated mating
Tin-plated termination
28 AWG wire

Molex USB Connectors

Attribute Value
Connector A Male USB A
Connector B Male Mini USB B
Length 1.5m
USB Type USB 2.0
Sheath Colour Black
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