Carroll & Meynell 1 Phase 3.3kVA Variac, 1 Output, 240V

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Carroll & Meynell MVT Enclosed Transformer

Carroll & Meynell variable autotransformers have variable voltages and are ideal for controlling AC voltages. The rotating arm with a carbon brush changes the output voltage.
These variacs feature round carbon brushes, riding any imperfections, offering a smoother operation. The round carbon brushes last the lifetime of the unit and are more robust than standard rectangular brushes, which are susceptible to breakages. These variacs have high efficiency and excellent regulation with no waveform distortion.
This transformer includes new enclosures and an integral switch and a carry handle which allows the variac to stand upright or on its back. The side box which can be removed also incorporates the M6 terminals studs for connection of the output cable, or the connection you require.


A round carbon brush offers low current density
Low magnetising current
Robust construction
Low operating torque
Smooth output and linear output
Centre tap in winding for buck–boost applications
input lead with 13A UK plug

Variable Auto Transformers

Continuously variable alternating current (a.c.) output voltage
Rugged construction
Low operating torque
High efficiency/excellent regulation

Silver-plated commutator
Low magnetising current
No waveform distortion, smooth linear output & overload capacity
Screw terminals
Complete with knob and dial

Attribute Value
Primary Voltage Rating 240V
Power Rating 3.3kVA
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Knob Rotation Clockwise
Number of Phases 1
Number of Outputs 1
Weight 20kg
Dimensions 315 x 250 x 280mm
Length 315mm
Construction Enclosed
Maximum Operating Frequency 60Hz
Minimum Operating Frequency 50Hz
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單價 個
原價 HK$6,808.93
HK$ 5,635.66
Per unit
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