QuantumData 780BH HDMI & Video Analyser

COO (Country of Origin): US

LeCroy QuantumData Video Generator/Protocol Analyser for HDMI Testing

The LeCroy QuantumData Video Generator/Protocol Analyser for HDMI Testing is a battery-powered, portable, handheld digital video/audio generator and analyser that enables you to run tests on digital video devices and network distribution devices on-site or in the R&D lab. This instrument is ideal for testing video/audio devices and communication media of different protocols. The communication protocols include HDCP 2.2 on source and sink devices as well as cables and distribution equipment up to 300MHz. A status bar on the bottom of the display provides an easily readable status of the output and input ports. There is an entire command set that can be accessed through different protocols. These features empower the user to solve the most complex service issues or service problems by easily verifying network components and design. It proves to be a perfect choice for labs, as well as onsite testing.

Features and Benefits

Compact enough to be rack-mounted Supports communication protocols like RS 232 and USB Available with an inbuilt library of programmable settings video patterns and formats for video display Includes a set of diagnostic and routine tests, easily available through simple touch access It also has provision for VGA output for testing RGB and analogue components Supports high degree testing of video products up to 4k resolution The HDMI input and output ports support data rate up to 18Gbps and pixel rate up to 300MHz Completely battery powered Protocol testing option is available for digital video sources and displays Auxiliary channel analyser enables real-time monitoring of EDID exchanges, SCDC, HDCP (including HDCP 2.2) transactions and CEC messages


Testing of video distribution networks end to end with the help of HDMI Quality testing of network infrastructure and its devices in telecommunication Simple pass/fail test of LCD display Easy and efficient testing of HDMI devices


Includes free software

Attribute Value
Dimensions 247.6 x 152.4 x 69.8mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Width 152.4mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Length 247.6mm
Height 69.8mm
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