Ideal 33-864 LAN Test Equipment

  • RS庫存編號 438-4740
  • 製造零件編號 33-864
  • 製造商 Ideal

Tone Generator and Probe Kit

Brought to you from IDEAL, the compact and portable 33-864 Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit. The tester kit is designed primarily for the identification, verification and tracing in twisted pair, coax and de-energised AC wiring. Easy to operate, the handheld kit is an essential piece of kit for technicians, installers, contractors and maintenance engineers.

Tone Generator

The IDEAL 62-160 tone generator works by producing a tone signal. The generated signal is applied to a single wire or pair of wires. The signal or tone travels down the conductors, and when used in conjunction with an amplifier probe an audible sound is generated when the fault is detected.

Amplifier Probe

The IDEAL 62-164 Amplifier Probe is designed to “listen” for the signal travelling along the conductor or wires which has been produced by the tone generator. The probe enables technicians to pinpoint the location of the signal without damaging the cable insulation.

Features & Benefits

• F- Connector port for testing coaxial cable
• Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling
• Data and voice wiring testing
• Simple and uncomplicated to use
• Volume control (amplifier probe)
• Three different selectable tones (tone generator)
• Auto-OFF of tone after three hours to conserve battery (tone generator)
• Visual low battery indication on both units
• 9-volt batteries included


Tone generators and probes are used by engineers and technicians in a wide range of applications. The test equipment is used to determine the route of cables and to verify they are connected correctly or do not contain any breaks. This is essential for installations and for troubleshooting. Ideal where large bundles of unlabelled, lose or mixed wires are situated.

• Datacom Technicians – Used for fault finding in datacentres, server rooms and network racks
• Contractors – Used to identify existing wiring in buildings and office spaces
• Installers – Used to verify cable runs are connected correctly in new installations
• Maintenance engineers – Used to detect any potential faults or breaks in cabling so repairs can be made.

What is supplied in the Kit?

The high-quality, multi-function test kit includes all of the necessary tools and accessories needed for analysis. All conveniently stored in a soft black carrying pouch.

• 62-164 Amplifier Probe
• 62-160 Tone Generator
• 142.014 RJ to alligator lead set
• K-7919 Modular Cable Assembly

Attribute Value
Tone Yes
Power Source Battery
Battery Type 9 V
Battery Life 50 h
Dimensions 2337 x 660 x 30.5mm
Weight 141g
Width 660mm
Height 30.5mm
Length 2.34m
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單價 個
HK$ 980.88
Per unit
1 +