Martindale SMKIT20 Voltage Indicator & Proving Unit Kit

  • RS庫存編號 124-5868
  • 製造零件編號 SMKIT20
  • 製造商 Martindale
COO (Country of Origin): PH

Martindale SMKIT20 Smart Metering Kit

SMKIT20 contains all the test tools to ensure safe isolation procedures and a wiring check can be implemented before, during and after installation. SMKIT20 Smart Metering Kit with BZ101, TEK101, MTL20, PD440, VT7 and TC70.

SMKIT20 includes a Buzz-It check plug for checking the wiring on 13A sockets, a non-contact voltage indicator with probe tip for identifying phase & neutral lines. And a single pole contact voltmeter suitable for use when wearing protective gloves and gauntlets. For CAT IV supply side safe isolation testing, there is a Drummond test lamp with proving unit.

Drummond Test Lamps

Use high intensity LEDs to display discrete voltage levels over a 360° viewing angle, even in bright sunlight. Making them the most reliable solution for identifying hazardous voltages. The MTL20 included in SMKIT20 has the additional benefit of a dual impedance function. The low impedance is useful for meter testing during the installation process and differentiating between potentially harmless phantom voltages and hazardous live voltages.

Supplied with

BZ101 Buzz-It Check Plug with Sounder for UK 13A Sockets, TEK101 Non-contact voltage indicator with built-in proving device, VT7 Single Pole Contact Voltmeter suitable for use when wearing PPE, MTL10 Drummond AC-DC Test Lamp 600 V CAT IV, PD440 Proving Device, TC70 Combination soft carry case

Martindale Lock-Off Kits, Voltage Indicators and Proving Units

Attribute Value
Model Number SMKIT20
Kit Contents BZ101 Buzz-It Check Plug with Sounder for UK 13A Sockets, MTL20 Drummond AC/DC Dual Impedance Test Lamp CAT IV 600 V, PD440 Proving Device, TC70 Combination Soft Carry Case, TEK101 Non-Contact Voltage Indicator with Built in Proving Device, VT7 Single Pole Contact Voltage Tester
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