2118309-1 TE Connectivity - PCB WiFi (Dual Band) Antenna, Adhesive Mount,


TE Connectivity Dual Band PCB Antenna

A dual-band antenna is a device that can both send and receive in different frequency bands. These antennas are designed for a range of uses, it’s key selling point is how it can operate on different frequencies individually or simultaneously. (Depending on the capabilities of the individual embedded antenna.)

TE Connectivity’s Dual Band PCB Antenna is a small and lightweight dual-band PCB antenna for Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi applications that can operate at 2.4 and 5Ghz. The design and purpose of this device allows for it to operate according to different IEEE standards and expands its range of communication abilities beyond just WiFi.

What comes with this device?

The PCB antenna includes a 120mm long connecting cable with a 50Ohm U.FL connector.

Features and Benefits

• Small and lightweight PCB antenna assembly.
• RoHS compliant
• Double-sided adhesive tape mounting
• Linear polarization
• VSWR: Less than 2:1

PCB Antennas

Attribute Value
RF Protocols WiFi (Dual Band)
Internal/External External
Supported Frequency Bands 2400 2483.5, 4900 5875 MHz
Antenna Physical Form PCB
Antenna Mounting Type Adhesive
Connector Type MCIS, MHF, U.FL
Gain 3.7dBi
Antenna Directivity Omnidirectional
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