Syringes are simple reciprocating pumps for use with adhesives, oils and greases, for example. These products have a plunger or piston that fits into a barrel or rounded tube. When the plunger is pulled, liquid is drawn in, and when pushed, the liquid is dispensed through the discharge gap.

Adhesive dispenser syringes are fitted with a needle, nozzle or tube at the front, which directs the flow of adhesive fluid inwards or outwards.

What are adhesive dispenser syringes used for?

These syringes dispense adhesives such as glue, cement, mucilage or paste onto materials for bondage purposes. They are used to inject adhesive into tight areas when repairing joints or other hard-to-reach parts within equipment. Adhesive dispenser syringes can be used manually or through automative processes.

What capacity do syringes have?

The capacity of a syringe is given in millimetres (ml). Common sizes include 5ml and 10ml. You should choose a syringe which is suitable for your choice of material and is the correct size for your application.

What are they made from?

Syringes and syringe nozzles come in different sizes and are made from a variety of materials:

  • Glass syringes are mainly used in the medical and laboratory industries.
  • Polyurethane syringes are chemically resistant and used in chemical processing plants or factories where gas and octane petroleum products are manufactured.
  • Plastic syringes (such as polypropylene) are universal and can be found in DIY, factory or other workshop environments.

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