Hot Melt Glue Guns

Hot melt glue guns are a tool used for adhesive applications on different materials They work by heating up a glue stick until it becomes viscous then by squeezing the gun trigger the molten glue is applied to the surface. These are also known as hot melt adhesive (HMA) sticks. The glue will then cool and solidify in a matter of seconds and usually fully cured within 1 minute.Uses of hot melt glue gunsHot melt glue guns can be used to bond a number of different materials including: paper, cardboard, ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, rubber,wood. TThey are ideal for arts, crafts, repair assembly applicationsSeveral Glue Gun Kits are also available which include additional items such as cases, mats and glue sticks. Sticks / Hot Melt Glues

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Hot Melt 11mm - Corded Type G - British 3-pin T6215 - 80W 240V