PLC I/O Modules

PLC I/O modules are one of the three core components that operate a programmable logic controller. I/O refers to input/output. PLC I/O modules act as messengers between a processor and an I/O device.

How do PLC I/O modules work?

PLC I/O modules assist the data exchange between an external device and computer memory. Their main job is to process communication to the PLC and accept commands sent from a processor. They can also detect errors, run status reports and co-ordinate a timely flow of data.

Types of PLC I/O modules

The type of PLC I/O modules used by a programmable logic controller depends on the type of input device. These are categorised as input or output types. Some PLCs respond to digital inputs and outputs, whereas others respond to analog signals. Digital inputs are either on or off, and analog signals process conditions as voltage. Other types include discrete, speciality and communication modules. Smaller PLCs are usually designed with fixed I/O points.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Number of Inputs Number of Outputs Input Type Output Type For Use With Number of I/O Interface Voltage Category Output Current Module Type Length Width Depth
RS庫存編號 783-0221
IAC - - Digital - - 1 - 90 140 V ac/dc - - 43.2mm 15.2mm 31.8mm
RS庫存編號 783-0224
IDC - - Digital - - 1 - - - - 43.2mm 15.2mm 31.8mm
RS庫存編號 782-1220
IDCM - - Digital Digital - 1 - - - - 43.2mm 10.2mm 25.4mm
RS庫存編號 783-0215
IACM - - Analogue, Digital Digital - 1 - 90 140 V ac/dc - - 43.2mm 10.2mm 25.4mm