Touch-Screen HMI Displays

Touch screen HMI displays are panel-mounted devices with responsive touch screens for operator input. HMI means 'human-machine interface' and these appliances are intended to streamline the use of machinery. They display graphics and allow the easy selection of options, making them helpful in many industrial and commercial environments.

What are touch screen HMI displays used for?

Touch screen HMI displays aid control and visualisation in a wide range of applications. They have high-resolution displays, dynamic memory, LED backlighting and built-in ethernet to support a variety of networks. Their commercial uses include kiosks, information points, hospitality and air-traffic control. Their clear displays provide precision control over certain variables that can also be customised.

Choosing the right touch screen HMI displays

Touch screen HMI displays are available in a range of different screen sizes, resolutions and colours. They can be configured to support both landscape and portrait devices depending on their intended end use. When choosing the right touch screen, certain parameters should be considered, including processor speed, memory, port and processor type.

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- - TFT LCD 4.3 in 480 x 272pixels Colour 3 - COM1 (RS-485), COM2 RS-485, USB 1.1 32 Bit RISC - 8 (Flash) MB, 16 (SDRAM) MB Yes 10 → 30 V dc