Safety Automation Controllers

Safety automation controllers are special purpose devices designed to provide critical control and safety during potentially dangerous process situations. They are specially built to reduce risk and meet safety requirements and can be programmable to suit your specific requirements.

How do safety controllers work?

Safety automation controllers contain plc i/o modules that enable them to interpret signals from process sensors and trigger control elements. They work by continually monitoring the status of inputs to detect any malfunctions or failures that may indicate a problem in the machine or in the production/manufacturing process as a whole.

Safety controllers are designed for interfacing with safety components such as light curtains in applications like robotics, press controls and material handling systems.

What are safety controllers used for?

Safety controllers are used in various applications in the automobile industry, steel industry and energy sector, as well as in the food and beverage industry. They have a critical role to play in systems and solutions that safeguard a process to prevent catastrophes such as the release of toxic chemicals.

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Description Price Range Series Number of I/O Number of Safety Inputs Display Type Number of Safety Outputs Safety Category SIL Field Bus Communication Type Expansion Available Supply Voltage Contact Current Rating Contact Voltage Rating Terminal Type
RS庫存編號 666-7104
PSR-TRISAFE PSR-SCP- 24DC/TS/S - 20 - 6 4 SIL 3 - - 24 V dc 2 A 24 V dc Screw
RS庫存編號 666-7126
PSR-TRISAFE PSR-SPP- 24DC/TS/S - 20 - 6 4 SIL 3 - - 24 V dc 2 A 24 V dc -