IR (Infrared) Temperature Sensors

Infrared (IR) temperature sensors emit an infrared energy beam focused by a lens on to a surface to detect the surface temperature. The reflected beam is received back in the sensor which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature. The sensor compensates for ambient temperature variation to give an accurate temperature reading.
Measuring Different Surface Materials
Painted surfaces, paper, thick plastics, food, water, asphalt, rubber and wood all have a high emissivity, these materials can be measured easily using general purpose sensors with a fixed emissivity setting.
Sensors with an adjustable emissivity setting allow fine-tuning of the measurement accuracy for use on partially reflective materials such as metals.

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Description Price Sensor Type Response Time Accuracy Cable Length Supply Voltage Minimum Temperature Sensed Output Type Communication Protocol Light Source Maximum Temperature Sensed Housing Material Interface Mounting Type Diameter
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V Output Signal 250 ms ±1.5 % 1m 24 V dc 0°C Alarm, Analogue - Infrared +1000°C ABS, Aluminium - Flange Mount 31 mm