Photoelectric Sensor Accessories

A range of photoelectric sensor accessories is available to support and improve the function of photoelectric sensors. These are devices that detect the presence, absence or distance of objects using a visible or infrared light beam. Photoelectric sensor accessories commonly include mounting brackets, reflective tape and reflectors. They help you to get the highest performance from the sensor you're using.

Types of photoelectric sensor accessories

There's an extensive selection of photoelectric sensor accessories that are categorised by their different functions. These include mounting accessories, power supplies, reflectors, adapters or fibre-optic cables. Different photoelectric sensor applications require different fibre-optic solutions, such as standard plastic fibre optic cables or rugged duty glass cables.

Choosing the right photoelectric sensor accessories

The photoelectric sensor accessories you choose will be dependant on the sensor you're using. For example, there's a range of mounting brackets available for fixing different sensors, including axial, right-angle and swivel-mount models. They're available in a range of different materials including plastic and plated or stainless steel.

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RS庫存編號 418-5666
Mounting Bracket 14 Series
RS庫存編號 669-8316
製造零件編號FTDR 047A048
Reflector FPCK 07 Series