AC Laminated Solenoid

AC laminated solenoids are electromagnetic devices that can deliver a large amount of force with their first stroke.They can do this because they have an in-rush current (instantaneous high input current drawn by an electrical device or power supply when first turned on).

How does an AC laminated solenoid work?

AC laminated solenoids work on the principle of electromagnetism. At the heart of the AC laminated solenoid is a metal core and a coil of wire. The core is made with laminated metal to reduce stray currents that would affect the solenoid's performance. When an electric current is applied to the solenoid, a constant magnetic field is created that can move the core in a push or pull motion.

An AC laminated solenoid may hum in operation, unlike DC solenoids which are generally quieter.

What are AC laminated solenoids used for?

AC laminated solenoids are a vital component of numerous electronic devices requiring immediate action including medical equipment, locks, vehicles, industrial equipment, printers and even household appliances.

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Description Price Maximum Stroke Action Duty Cycle Magnetic Force Closed Power Continuous Supply Voltage Length Width Depth Weight Coil Resistance Dimensions Series
RS庫存編號 905-9963
- Pull - - 17VA 240 V ac - - - - - - SLT
RS庫存編號 905-9969
- Pull - - 9VA 24 V ac - - - - - - SLT