Temperature Control Modules

Temperature control modules are hardware components that are used in temperature control devices to enhance their functionality. They are useful in situations requiring that a given temperature to be kept stable and can be easily installed as plug and play devices.

What are temperature control modules used for?

Temperature control modules are used in a wide variety of industries to manage manufacturing operations or processes. Some common uses of temperature control modules include food processing, blood banks, packaging machines and thermo-forming machines.

You will find temperature control modules in ovens as well as heat-treating applications within boilers, furnaces and heat exchangers. They are also used in the healthcare industry in laboratory and testing equipment, refrigeration plant and incubators.

Types of temperature control modules

Temperature control modules include a broad range of products from temperature controllers and communication cards to input and output option modules. Communication cards, for example, can be used to extend the digital output functionality of on/off temperature controllers.

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