DIN Rail Time Switches

DIN rail time switches control the on and off mechanisms of equipment, lighting components and heating or cooling applications. A DIN rail is a universal mount used as a modular platform to add components like circuit breakers and time switches.

What are DIN rail time switches used for?

By switching on power only when it is needed, DIN rail time switches can help save energy. They're often used for security purposes in unoccupied buildings, switching lights on at night and off during the day, or in a seemingly random pattern. DIN rail time switches are also found in irrigation applications, water-pump mechanisms and automatic feeding systems. Factories and workshops use DIN rail time switches in automatic machinery where the operation needs to switch on or off at specific time intervals. They're also used to control access barriers and doors and shift-change sirens in manufacturing plants.

Types of DIN rail time switches

DIN rail time switches come with analogue or digital displays and can measure time in seconds, minutes, hours or days. They can effect on or off actions at preset intervals or in cyclical time periods.

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24 → 240 V ac/dc - Minutes, Seconds 1 - Digital - - - 74mm 55mm - - -
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24 → 240 V ac/dc - Minutes, Seconds 1 - - - - - 74mm 55mm - - -