Lantern Batteries

Lantern batteries are essential accessories for lanterns. Lanterns are used within households and businesses for many different tasks, so it is important to have durable and reliable battery to power it. The batteries are physically larger and so offer higher capacity than the more common torch batteries. This is because lantern batteries comprise of multiple cells inside a housing.

Rugged design
Lantern batteries are rugged and their sealed design ensures that they are built to last, through any heavy-duty use.

Choosing the right battery
Supplying the power for this lantern means choosing from an equally diverse selection single use, disposable or rechargeable e batteries to match your specific lantern and its use. The most common lantern battery is 6 V, but there are also variants of 4.5 V, 7.5 V and 12 V all have their own specific uses.

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Description Price Chemistry Size Capacity Dimensions Nominal Voltage
RS庫存編號 840-5043
Zinc Manganese Dioxide 996 11Ah 68.2 x 68.2 x 103.2mm 6V