Industrial Automation Cable Assemblies

Industrial automation cable assemblies are collections of electrical cables that transmit electrical power to machinery and components.

The cables and wires are bundled together into cable harnesses to secure them against the effects of vibration, abrasion and moisture. Industrial automation cable assemblies have flame resistant outer sleeves, and the sheaths are made from nylon, PVC or other thermoplastic materials.

What are industrial automation cables used for?

Industrial automation cable assemblies are used in the aviation, construction machinery and spacecraft environments. These assemblies join the masses of wires together into non-flexing bundles, which prevent electrical shorting.

Industrial automation cables are typical in automation environments, for instance in vehicle manufacturing, where they are used in coil installation, ventilation systems and car audio components. Industrial automation cable assemblies are also used in the automation control of cranes, hydraulics, pneumatics and lift stations.

Types of industrial automation cable assemblies

Industrial automation cable assemblies are used for many purposes and differ greatly regarding the voltage amounts they can carry.

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Description Price Connector A Connector B Length Number of Cores Connector A Number of Contacts Connector B Number of Contacts Current Rating Sheath Colour Number of Strands IP Rating Voltage Rating Armoured Cable Shape Cross Sectional Area
RS庫存編號 197-3053
製造零件編號43679 RSMV 3-RKMWV/LED A 3-224/1 M
Straight Male M8 Angled Female M8 1m 3 3 - - - - - - - - -
RS庫存編號 197-3054
製造零件編號46376 RKWT 4-225/20 M
Angled Female M12 Free End 20m 4 4 - - - - - - - - -
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製造零件編號60693 RKWU 19-242/10 M
Angled Female M23 Free End 10m 19 19 - - - - - - - - -