Hard Drive Accessories

Hard drive accessories enhance and support the performance of hard drives across all types of domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Accessories include convertors, docking stations, mounting brackets and duplicators.

What do hard drive accessories do?

The wide range of hard drive accessories available is designed to boost computer performance and complement the capabilities of your storage device. These include converters and controller cards. Converters provide a simple way to upgrade your system performance, allowing a better storage performance. Controller cards permit high-speed storage, making backing up and archiving easier.

Choosing the right hard drive accessories

There are a number of hard drive accessories and choosing correctly depends on your model of hard drive. Accessories are typically categorised by supported form factors, dimensions and supported drives. The form factor is the size of a hard drive and how it connects to a computer. This refers to the size of the bay on a computer and shouldn't be confused with the actual physical dimensions of the drive.

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Description Price Type Supported Form Factor Dimensions Number of Drives Supported
RS庫存編號 140-8088
Mounting Bracket 2.5 in, 3.5 in - 1
RS庫存編號 140-8090
Converter 2.5 in - 1