Firewalls are an important part of security and safety over the Internet. A good network firewall ensures protection against data theft, viruses, spyware and other nasty surprises which can lurk around online. In an age where cybercrime is common and serious threat to personal and confidential information, quality protection is an absolute must.
Features and Benefits
• Perfect for home offices and small workplaces
• Runs on a high-speed business network line

Uses for firewalls:
• Port/service blocking
• Web content filter
• Sensitive data protection
• Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

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Description Price Data Transmission Rate Depth Dimensions Height Model Number Number of LAN Ports Number of Users Number of WAN Ports Throughput Weight Width Wired/Wireless
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10/100/1000 Mbit/s 125mm 190 x 125 x 35mm 35mm FVS318G-200 8 5 → 10 1 30 (Ipsec VPN) Mbit/s, 250 (LAN-TO-WAN) Mbit/s 590g 190mm Wired