Audio & Video Connector Adapters

Audio and video connector adapters are devices that provide connections between audio and video components with mismatched format connectors. These devices allow you to connect two or more audio and video components using cables you already have rather than buying new cables.

What are Audio and Video connector adapters used for?

Audio connector adapters are used for a wide variety of audio, video and control applications. They help to solve differing connectivity problems in theatres, schools, homes, conference rooms, offices, recording studios, vehicles, etc. An adapter with female HDMI connectors on each end, for example, can be used to connect two short HDMI cables to form one longer one. Although some adapters have the same type of connector, they typically feature different types of connectors on each end.

Types of Audio and Video adapters

Audio and video adapters come in many different types including:

  • Female stereo to male stereo
  • Male DVID to Female DVID
  • Male HDMI to female HDMI
  • Male DVI to female HDMI
  • Female RCA to Male mono
  • Male RCA to female BNC
  • Male VGA to female Phono
  • Female RCA to female RCA

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