RF Connector Dust Caps

RF (radio frequency) connector dust caps are used to protect the ends of RF connectors, a type of electrical connector that's designed to work at radio frequencies. The dust caps help prevent dust particles from getting inside the connector.

Features of RF connector dust caps and how they work

RF connector dust caps are very simple to use. They simply screw on to your connector. The body material is usually made from stainless steel or brass, and the plating material can be nickel or stainless steel for a strong, durable and hard wearing device.

Some dust caps come with a chain or cord to make them more difficult for you to misplace. Choose from male or female types depending on your connector.

Why use an RF connector dust cap?

RF connector dust caps mainly to protect RF connectors from contaminants which can cause damage to the test and measurement equipment or precision testing cables. They also protect the connector interface when it's not in use.

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