Industrial Power Connectors

For power applications in industrial environments, the RS range of Industrial Power Connectors has a connector to suit your needs. Typically supplied with excellent electrical insulation, and complying with relevant standards, these connectors are a safe and sure way to power tools and machinery at a variety of voltage requirements.

The connectors are easy to assemble, and typically have a locking mating system that seals the connection and prevents against unwanted disconnection. The RS range of industrial connectors contains cable mounted plugs and sockets, as well as wall, mounted appliance inlets.

Applications and Environment

The RS Range of industrial power connectors provide solutions for many environments. Often equipped with built-in dust covers, the connectors are suitable for use in high particle environments, such as powering woodworking machines. There are also IP67 versions available for outdoor applications such as powering machinery on construction sites.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Assemble

  • A Range of Voltage Suitability

  • Secure Mating

  • Integrated Socket Dust Covers Available

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