OSMT Connectors

OSMT connectors are used for surface-mount applications in telecommunications, GPS, consumer and automotive electronics. They have a unique micro strip mounting pattern and a plug receptacle design that ensures reliable grounding and PCB retention characteristics. OSMT connectors feature polymer housing and gold over nickel contact plating.

Why use OSMT connectors?

OSMT connectors meet the growing needs for surface-mount radio-frequency connector technology. They take up less printed circuit board (PCB) than other hole coaxial connectors. The interconnect system of OSMT connectors allows closer pitch and efficient use of space. OSMT connectors are designed for high-volume assembly, using surface-mount technology. They are available in both tape and reel packaging for automated pick-and-place board assembly.

What are OSMT connectors used for?

OSMT connectors are the ideal solution for surface-mount applications in a wide range of telecommunication applications. These include consumer and automative electronics as well as GPS. The attributes you should consider when selecting the right OSMT connectors for your application include gender, style, series, mounting and mating type.

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Description Price Body Orientation Contact Material Contact Plating Gender Impedance Mounting Type Operating Frequency Termination Method
RS庫存編號 161-8515
個 (以毎袋:100)
Straight Copper Alloy Gold over Nickel Male 50Ω Surface Mount 0 → 6GHz Solder
RS庫存編號 713-0981
Straight Copper Alloy Gold over Nickel Male 50Ω Surface Mount 0 → 6GHz Solder