Crimp Flag Terminals

Crimp flag terminals are a type of solderless electrical connection that are used to terminate stranded wires.

What are crimp flag terminals used for?

In a crimping connection, metal is bent around a joint and then squeezed together using a crimp tool. This forms a strong and reliable electrical connection without the need to use solder.

Crimp flag terminals connect to the tab terminals at 90 degrees. This is ideal for use in applications where space is limited, for example in industrial controllers, in computers or peripheral equipment, and in telecommunications equipment.

There are also blade terminals, tab terminals, ring terminals, and piggyback terminals. They differ in the shape of the terminal connection, and can be used for a variety of different applications.

Types of crimp flag terminals

Crimp flag terminals can either be insulated or uninsulated, shrouded or unshrouded (i.e., with or without plastic cover). They are available in a variety of tab sizes and contact materials including brass, bronze and steel.

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Description Price Series Insulation Flag Width Insulation Material Minimum Wire Size mm² Maximum Wire Size mm² Minimum Wire Size AWG Maximum Wire Size AWG Overall Length Tab Size Colour Contact Plating Contact Material Tab Thickness
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FASTON .250 Uninsulated - - 3mm² 5mm² 12AWG 10AWG 17.02mm 6.35 x 0.81mm - Tin Brass 0.81mm