Solder Tab Terminals

Solder tab terminals are used to connect circuits. They can be easily welded onto the end of a wire and can be attached to a click connector. There are two types of click connector – male and female, which fit together. This means you can connect two wires by attaching a solder tab with opposing click connectors to each. Solder tab terminals are easily disconnected. Tab terminals differ from ring terminals in that they don't need to be bolted to a board, but function like a socket.

What are solder tab terminals used for?

You can use solder tab terminals as a wire extension. They can connect a circuit to a power supply, or be used to link an antenna to a radio signal or WiFi. They're also used to earth electrical currents.

Types of solder tab terminals

Solder tab terminals can be made from various metals. The contact plating can be tin, tin over copper or tin over nickel over copper, while the contact material is brass. They come in a range of sizes and can be straight (for extensions) or right angle (for space efficiency).

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