D Sub Contacts

A D-sub connector is a form of connector commonly found in electronic and computer systems. It consists of a D shaped metal band and two or more parallel rows of either pin contacts (male) or socket contacts (female). D-sub connector contacts can vary in size, material, current rating, length and resistance.

The most common type of connector is the crimp contact. These are assembled by inserting a stripped wire end into the cavity at the rear of the contact. The cavity is then crushed using a crimp tool, gripping the contact to the wire.

What are D-sub connector contacts used for?

The D-sub connector contacts carry the signal from the source to the destination across the D–sub connection.

Types of D-sub connector contacts

Most D-sub connectors are supplied with contacts ready in place. Contacts can be replaced if damaged or if the application of the D-sub connector is to be changed from the original design specification.

High-current, high-voltage, or co-axial inserts require larger contacts. The material of the D-sub connector contact can be changed if the robustness or quality of the connection needs to be improved.

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Female Beryllium Copper Gold, Tin - - 28 → 26 AWG Signal - 28AWG CMD - 26AWG - Compression, Crimp
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Male Copper Alloy Gold over Nickel - - 24 → 20 AWG - - 24AWG FCT - 20AWG 7.5A Crimp