LED Light Engines

LED light engines are light-emitting diode versions of regular lamps. They are composed of multiple LEDs mounted on a circuit board and have numerous advantages over regular lamps, including increased efficiency and greater durability.

How do LED light engines work?

LEDs are different from regular light sources because they use a semiconductor to produce the energy to emit light. As LED light engines run on direct current (DC), and mains electricity is alternating current  (AC), they also often contain a circuit to convert the current into the appropriate voltage.

Types of LED light engines

The variations between LED light engines are largely down to their colour, shape, and the number of LEDs that form the engine. This depends on the needs of your project. 

For example, you might need a circular LED light engine to replace a light bulb, or a strip LED light engine to replace a fluorescent strip light. Similarly, if you need brighter light, you will need an engine with more LEDs.

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Description Price Number of LEDs Colour Temperature Shape Viewing Angle Connection Types Maximum Power Consumption Supply Voltage Dimensions Diameter Base Material Length Width Current Rating Series
RS庫存編號 720-8955
10 6500K Octagon 80 ° Flying Leads 23.1 W 41.3 V 25 x 25mm - Aluminium 25mm 25mm 1A OSLON 10 Cluster
RS庫存編號 773-3293
72 3000K Rectangle 170 ° - 100 W 48 V 235 x 170 x 6.6mm - Aluminium 235mm 170mm 2.08A DRAGON 72 PowerFlood