Inspection Windows

Inspection windows for enclosures are an excellent addition of accessories for enclosures, they allow increased visibility of the internal electrical parts and components. When safety is paramount inspection windows avoid any contact with dangerous components or opening the lid of the enclosure.

Types of Inspection Windows

Plain Inspection Windows - These inspection windows for enclosures allow easy visibility of internal connections for safety working.

Infrared Inspection Windows - The benefits of inspecting components through an infrared inspection window is that it allows for infrared inspection without having to open or touch the panel. This therefore saves time and is more safe.

Range of Inspection Windows

The range of Inspection windows for enclosures at RS Components are available in several sizes and shapes. Whether you need a rectangle, square or circle inspection window to suit the needs of your set up.

Inspection windows for enclosures are made using a durable material such as stainless steel or if you prefer Polycarbonate and most will offer an IP rating for excellent protection from dust and liquids indoors and outdoors. Some inspection windows for enclosures include a NEMA Rating that is designed to offer electrical safety and allow fully functional electrical components within the enclosure.

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Description Price Length Width Height Material Colour For Use With IP Rating Series
RS庫存編號 820-3008
147mm 23mm 189mm Aluminium, Zinc Black NEMA 12 Enclosure, NEMA 4 Enclosure IP67 -
RS庫存編號 820-2992
112mm 16mm 142mm Aluminium, Zinc Black NEMA 12 Enclosure, NEMA 4 Enclosure IP67 -