Camlocks & Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks and enclosure locks, also known as cam locks, are designed to mount on the front doors of cabinets, lockers and enclosures to provide a mechanical locking mechanism. Cabinet locks are specially designed to be smaller and more compact than standard door locks, making them ideal for use on equipment such as electrical enclosures, cash registers, safes, filing cabinets and display cabinets. Lock TypesCabinet locks are available with various types of locking mechanism to suit a wide range of applications and security types, lock types include:Key lockSquare pin lockTriangle pinWing nut lockBit socketCross socket profile

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Description Price Lock Type Unlock Method Panel To Tongue Depth Panel Cut Out Panel Cut Out Diameter Minimum Panel Thickness Maximum Panel Thickness Panel Cut Out Length Panel Cut Out Width Material Finish Colour
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Cylindrical Lock Push - - - - - - - Steel Polished Silver