Euro Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are a common type of lock found in most doors. They are the door lock most often chosen for uPVC, composite and aluminium doors.The most popular profile for a cylinder lock is the euro profile cylinder or pin euro tumbler which is widely used in the UK. A euro cylinder lock can be removed easily and locksmiths can obtain a euro cylinder that will fit any door.Types of euro cylindersHalf cylinders are found on garage doors but can be used on any door where you require a key to open one side.Euro double cylinders are found on uPVC doors. Keys can be used to open these double cylinder locks from both sides.Thumbturn locks can be used on communal and uPVC doors, and allow you to lock the door with the inside turn knob or an outside key.How does a euro cylinder lock work?A euro cylinder consists of a core, revolving cam, fixing hole and lock body. The cylinder does not have any particular internal mechanisms, instead the cores have pin tumbler or dimple configurations.The revolving cam or actuator is made from either a hard plastic or metal which sits on the lock that the key manipulates. The cam itself moves the lock bolt.The fixing hole is the gap that allows the cylinder to be fastened inside of the door. When the lock is in place a screw is used to secure the device.On the cylinder, a gap exists where the cam is placed and secured with two c-clips. The gap separates the two different cores which can be keyed differently or alike.Additional SecurityStainless steel pins within the cylinder provide anti-drill protection because the steel from the drill bit is softer than the protective metal.Anti snap helps to prevent lock snapping but primarily leaves enough of the lock in working order.Using fairly simple items, such as a hair pin or a paperclip, a lock can be picked. Anti pick locks are designed so that it is almost impossible to open the lock.Anti bump locks have a specially made key and more pins. Lock bumping is a technique used to open a tumbler lock using a special key.Removal and replacementEuro cylinders have the same dimensions and are easy to install and remove, all you need is the measurement of your current lock. Measure the length from the centre screw to each end of the cylinder. Using the overall measurement of the door lock may result in an unbalanced installation.It is important to remember that the cylinder has an external and internal side which must be the correct way round when fitting the door lock.

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